I Am Liam


Welcome to Time With Liam, a small blog of my journey through life and things I experience and want to share with the world.

For the first post, I want to share who I am and also give focus to what made me start a blog.

First, my name is Liam Song from Sacramento, CA and I am 25 years old. I am Hmong and am fully aware of a lot of undesired conversation about what that should mean to me and others. I am here to open up conversation to a lot of different things, but also to help close some.

I am a student at the CSU and am also a huge advocate of many things progressive(though I won’t get into it now).

I am a dancer, writer, altruist, ambivert, hiker, and many more that you will come to find.

But for the most part, I want to share that I am a lover. I am in love with love. Not love through the sense of romance or blood, though that is included. But love through life and experience. To only choose love wherever I go, because it answers so many questions I pondered about my existence in the ever-changing spectrum of this parallax in space and time. I am in love with most people I meet, in fact, because they have shared their stories and anguish, their sorrows and happiest moments, and their tears that led them to exchange with me that day. I feel strong sympathy when they look down and give a huge sigh or get upset and look up to wonder where there path is headed. I understand their emotions as if I saw them in their steps, and that is enough for me to feel for them. To be completely honest, I understand the nature of my love.

For others like me, it becomes so dangerous to be so open and willing. We are judged and critiqued as though we do not understand the harsh world and live immaturely. In the end, you can still choose to love, and that is enough of an answer to continue pursuing your journey and forgive all that ails your energy.

So I created this blog to share that love and experience. Some things could lead to bipartisan conversations. I understand that I am still young, I still have a lot to learn so I am open about my understanding of things though I am concrete on some certain subjects. I apologize ahead of time for my stubbornness. But I also started this blog to create conversations about sensitive things. Things that when taken another look, maybe could form a stronger foundation to being a greater person than you were yesterday.

And so love, for now, and until next time in which I will be posting a lot more interesting things.

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