Revitalizing Yourself In the Right People


There are a lot of things in life that can give you energy. A newly founded hobby or perhaps a journey taken amidst powerful scenery.

Energy, not the one defined by a standard of matter or creation, but the life essence that exists in you. With more, you live a gradually happier life. As a critic of organized perception, it is impossible to define what energy really is. But when it is there you’ll feel it. That is the greatness about energy. It cannot be defined but wields the entirety of your direction in your journey. It is without a definition, yet the meaning is exceptionally clear to you when you understand it.

One of the worst ways I have found to dilute my energy is to judge. Other’s journeys are unique to them and it may be hard for us to understand, and so long as that journey appreciates life and rehabilitates a greater tomorrow, it is a journey quite worthwhile. Whether someone lives in a way that may not honor the greatness of appreciating tomorrow, you should seek to be adamant and whether you want to be around their energy. It could be toxic to you or you could be depleting yourself. Whatever you partake in life, your energy is unique to you. There exists no platform of direction for where you should spend your energy. You spend it where it makes you happiest. For some, this may be at social gatherings and at the center of the crowd. Whereas for others, it is alone with your mind or atop a hill with a few friends.

When you find similar people in the world and share stories, you may come across one once in a while that you share a special conversation with. As if you two are seeking answers that are relative to one another and it could be acknowledged but rather you keep pulling strands of relativity from one another. Whether it’s a conversation in a bar that shuts out the outside forces or the stories shared on a lonesome hike with a passerby, you create and funnel energy to one another — fostering each other’s seeds of happiness that creates fundamental purpose to life away from toxicity.

There are a lot of  bad entities in this world, but people are uniquely existent so you could spread and share your stories. It would be such a sad world without someone to share anything with. If you find these people, cater yourself to be orbital around their energy. We are humans and naturally desire to explore caves of thoughts and experiences that may not bode well for us, these shares of energy may be key to sending us back on the right path to continue spreading love and regenerating energy.


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