To Those Who Still Loved With Their Hearts Open


To those who love with your hearts open. Bless you and your entirety.

Once ago, in a world where we believed that princes and princesses were our role models; we were naive enough to enjoy the fact that others were like us. That this world is filled with others who will respect our soul and return our love back in the most endearing ways possible. With age and experience, the world has taught us that others may not hold our soul as dear as we may want it so. It is not foolish to love without limit. But with it’s blessings, comes many things that will test your ability to understand the difference between infatuation and obsession. At the end of things, we lose everything that built what made the world seem real. We lose ourselves, someone who was dear to us, and we lose our belief in innocent love; an undying feeling of helplessness.

But eventually, you must learn to open up again and to love like how you once did, maturely. To meet new souls and learn more about your new self. Should you find others who have walked the same dark caves you visited, make it in your agenda to dwell in those friendships that will teach you things beyond your years. So to those who have gone this far and loved again in a different way, I adore your strength and undeniable authenticity. Make no mistake, you should put yourself first for as long as you require, and to take every step asking yourself if you should really go one direction or another. But every step of the way, your heart opens to everything you do and to everyone you meet. If you need a little help, take some slow steps. That one street which you always turn right to go home; instead of rushing and drifting like usual, take it slow and watch for pedestrians as you impress yourself with how calm your hands can turn the steering wheel. Those strangers you see on your way to the market, compliment their hair or shoes. Give love and you will receive it in time. Your mindset will change and you will feel a different feeling overcome you. Your outlook on people and life will change.

And so I hope you continue to keep your heart open, taking one step at a time. That innocent love you hoped for may not be the reality that you once dreamed of, but I’m sure that you will find the pure love that you deserve one day from someone who will love all of you for you. And when that happens, you will have never wished for a different story. But for now, if you understand the notions of gifts that I want to share with you, then I hope we meet and become beautiful friends someday. Until then, cheers to broken, but nonetheless, beautiful hearts. -Liam

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