Lenses of Inter-Reality


Before I start this blog, I want to stress that I am a strong believer in balance. A system highly-controlled is often driven into the madness of a virtual existence whereas a system where there are no means of interpreting any science is often driven into chaos. In the world we live in today, we are trying to compensate different mechanics of what existence means to us and other beings. As the millennium passes, we start to cater to other lesser intellectual beings, though they are much more spiritually capable. So therefore, I do not promote the use of drugs or paraphernalia. I believe they can be harmful and can break our understanding of reality, though they are also opening bridges to understanding and opening our minds to understanding the world. In all the world, there should be balance.

When we are born, we do not think deeply about things nor do we have demands. We merely experience every day and do not have expectations of what the world means. Our inclusiveness of all things brings forth so much information that we change over the course of our younger years to accommodate for the reality of things. These experiences shape our memories and understanding of the world. We’re always told not to go outside. Then one day, our curiosity or stupidity got the best of us and we walked around the neighborhood before our parent ran after us with angered eyes and heavy palms. So we learn, that the world is bigger than the living room we usually played in. There is mystery outside of that house, and many dangers that became obvious quickly. There are inhibitions inside us that will hold us back from approaching those dangers, but also high curiosity that we internally challenge our decisions.

Our lives that are built around this reality are a hefty experience of many things uncontrolled. Eventually, we will run across things that can alter this reality. Physical chemicals that make us more comfortable or consider other decisions that our inhibitions would otherwise, never make. During this experience, we start to challenge our thinking of what is real around us and what is not — a looping interaction with ourselves. Is life really a biological experience or a mere controlled virtual reality? When we ponder, things start to make sense that never once did. Maybe the actions of those we used to look down on, now make sense. The crazy guy who is often on the bus and gets off at the same place on the street every day to dance and preach love can now be found to be understood. Since the answer to life is quite difficult to answer, what we often understand is that there are some decisions we make that are universally understood without question. The action of accepting others and opening with love. Perhaps, this is as close to the answer to life as we can understand? Somehow this chemical has opened gateways for our minds to allow us to rethink everything we have been taught. This, of course, requires the understanding that we must balance the continuously shifting conundrum of reality, as it often changes.

It is easy to understand what is required when enabling yourself to enter this experience. Always remember to love and envision yourself as a participant of a greater balanced world. When others selfishly approach this experience as an amusing activity rather than eye-opening experience, it crudely damages the sanctity of what was given to them. Always, love and balance.

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