PPP #1: Cheng Xiong

My passion is in lifting weights, specifically in powerlifting.

Prior to discovering this passion, I had literally no motivation for anything in life. I drank on a weekly basis with friends, getting drunk consistently if given the chance– never home, always out. Clearly, I lacked a humongous amount of self-discipline, love for myself and family members, goals in life, etc. Then one day, I decided to sign up for a commercial gym. I went along with a friend because I was afraid to go alone for the fact that if I fail a set, I would not have a spotter. Eventually, my gym buddy and I had different schedules and were not able to attend the gym like we normally do. It came to the point where I would either have to go without him or not go at all. I decided to go without him and that was the beginning of a new me. I then started developing good work ethic, building discipline, maintaining motivation, staying healthy, establishing goals, etc. Through working out, a new chapter opened in life for me. It became more than throwing weights around in a gym. It definitely gave me a whole new level of perspective.

There are three things I am proud of. First, I decided to start my own gym at home due to the fact that sharing gym equipment on a busy day and traveling back and forth to the gym is frustrating. My initial gym was nothing fancy; it contain basic gym equipment. A year later, I started to upgrade everything in my gym to the brand that I really supported; Rogue Fitness. They are arguably, in my opinion, the best manufacturer for gym equipment products for the best price. I have competed in power lifting events. My first event, I won 1st place within my weight class. However, my most prized experience is not through any trophy or recognition. It is through friends and people that I have met along the way within my power lifting journey. I met two great friends that I, typically, would invite over to my house to work out together. We even compete together. I also met Bart Kwan in person from Just Kidding Films at a powerlifting meet.

I would not say I have recent work because I have a project in my mind that has yet to be determined on when I should do it. I want to upgrade my Rogue bumper plates to the Powerlifting plates for obvious reasons because I powerlift. That is my top wish list.
My goal is to return back to school. I know that it is the only thing that is holding me back from getting into other professional positions that require an education.
Having a space in the garage has allowed me to have my gym set up. Establishing a standard for myself has persistently helped me engage my passion.

Find a hobby that would help build good characteristics and apply using that hobby to life in general. For example, if you put in the work on terms of lifting weights, you will notice the result of all your hard effort in training.

You should not live up to the standards of what people had set for you, but to live the standards you set out for yourself.


(Juggernaut Winter 2017: Squat)

You can follow Cheng and his journey here:
Instagram: Cheng Xiong

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