World of Love, Without the Love


Being able to live in modern times requires a construct of liberal mentalities and the ability to adapt to ‘norms‘ of new heights. This constant growth of idealism is constantly evolving and is not exaggerated. With the coming understanding of things around us: the stars, the planets, the earth, the tides; we are equivalent to becoming intertwined within a modern cyberspace of data and numbers alongside natural, biological concessions. There is blessing within this hybrid concealment of gifts that we have been given and have created.

We are constantly surrounded by a biological environment that constantly surprises us with the gift of life. It gives us energy and meaning, which enhances the enterprise of our biological clock. There is an end, but it should not be feared — such is the appreciation of fulfillment and detachment. By connecting with our natural essences that are given to us everyday, we are becoming more attached to our natural feelings, especially that of love and appreciation in which we have lost to the modern giant of cyber-globalization. We are accustomed entirely as humans to have these feelings, such that a mother has undying love for her children or a husband for his wife, and that is why connecting with our natural essences enhances our feelings for the world. In doing so, we are allowing ourselves to detach from materialistic commitments and connect with our endless love for life that already exists biologically within us. There is no loss for this acceptance but rather freedom and rejuvenation.

What this all leads to is that we are reaching new heights in understanding our connection with ourselves as humans and the universe. We have come to understand ourselves more as biological beings, that it is okay to be yourself and love yourself more for it, even if no one does. Modern times introduced new waves of human understanding and expression. A struggling group of lovers and fighters alike, for one cause: Love. The doctrine for this saga stands as the fight for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Whence the struggling individuals of the world came together to piece together their different stories but similar struggles, they committed to create a wave of indifference across the globe, and to entail that we should not fight because of our differences but rather love each other for our similar struggles. Electronic music became a standard for lovers because of it’s neutral confinement to humanity. No one can truly say it was theirs and it carries no strength in religious or cultural upheavals; it was a modern, just attribute of unification.

Where there is good, there will always be evil — or in this case; confusion. With roots in underground functions, electronic music has given socially struggling societies new homes. As it’s popularity became increasingly mainstream, many flocked to experience the gifts of this new scene. There were aspects that were lost with it’s transition alongside beautiful uncovered blossoms of this wave of culture. As the original group of misunderstood individuals moved on with new aspects of their lives, their old(now popular) society erupted to take over the world. Unfortunately, some of the things that have been lost in transition were fundamentals of what made the culture powerful in the first place; the acceptance of all people and the protection of those under society’s pressure to not be themselves. Nonetheless, ultimately having the prior generation feeling disappointed and uprooted. You see, the ideas that are lost in transition were those that made people feel ‘themselves‘. Perhaps you can be at an event and feel quite the rage, but stop for a moment to think about those around you and their energy. People are so in love with the image of what the scene is supposed to look like, that no one truly knows what it is anymore. They seek to be beautiful, and only seek others who are physically attributed by them perhaps. Or perhaps those who have gone far into sending their mind through a lapse of space and time and have not taken the measures to protect themselves from harm or have created harm to others. In these examples, the fundamental has been forgotten that love is entrenched to all those who understand and offer it, and that safety is always the first composition of a committed journey. We have forgotten love and art, truly uprooting the movement created for those who usually sit in the back of the school hallways and kept to themselves. You see, you cannot be PLUR but homophobic when you are back in society or to embrace life and love but hope to advance racial and cultural tensions in your politics. Nevertheless, the aspect that we are to enjoy the creativity of this movement and embrace our inner free soul is still quite alive.

I could not say that the movement has been conclusively hijacked or compromised. Perhaps mainstream ideologies have accepted and evolved the once misunderstood society. It is almost to be expected the qualities that will differ once a suppressed culture becomes ‘normal’ to society. You can see this in many aspects of different topics today. But today, I hope people remember the qualities of the movement that made it great. So remember to love and life fully everyday, embracing all those who are walking different paths because we are all one race under one sky. To not exclusively channel your connections to a narrow form, so you can truly experience the beauty of an inner soul and a quality human connection. Selectively choose to open to understand, rather than to judge.

Keep yourself safe in a crumbling immoral world and then, we will heal under the ever glowing lights that make our reality shiver with new revival.

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