PPP #3: Ryan Lee

My name is Ryan Lee and my passion is dance. I chose to dance because I was able to just let go of all my anxiety and negative emotions as a youth in a low income area. Dance also helped me keep out of a lot of negative things that has happened in my life.

When I first started I didn’t know too much about the dance, history of the dance, and business side of dance. I just did it and loved it. As time went on, I met my mentor Abraham Dunham. I met Abraham my sophomore year in high school and he recruited me into his junior dance team known at the time as Legendary Steps Crew. Legendary Steps Crew trained under many members of his dance team, Flexible Flave, who were known to have traveled/competed nationally and internationally. The beginning years of training under Abraham Dunham, Jhun Abueg, Samuel Radu and many others– I was always acknowledged as a hard worker and future leader for our junior team. Hence, I received an extensive training including business/marketing skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, multitasking, and much more.

Currently, I am working three jobs (Parks & Rec, Cypher Hip Hop Workshops, and IHSS) along with being a full time dancer who also teaches workshops and classes at studios on weekends or whenever I am booked. My goal for my future of passion is to promote Hip Hop in a more positive light and teach the youth the culture– why it was created,by whom, and opening a center where everyone has the resources/access to learn and teach their art.

The love of what I do, allows me to continue chasing my passion. I want to show people why I love dance, the Hip Hop culture, and the many lessons I was taught and overcame. My opinion, honestly, I believe if you love what you do genuinely, it won’t matter if you make a ton of money or become super famous.
Pursue your dreams and never quit. People won’t understand until you show them. The hardest road to follow is the road that you have to pave yourself. In the many walks in life we make, losing is more likely than winning but losing is the key to winning and understanding your mistakes.

A quote I’ve always heard was —

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

What we aren’t told is the process it takes to get the lemon. First, you must find a spot where there is good sunshine/soil. You then get the seed, dig the hole, plant the seed, water it everyday, pluck the weeds around it, WAIT for the tree to grow, and WAIT for the lemons to grow. If you look at your life like a metaphor to this, you’ll begin to understand that it takes time for you to receive what you desire. You must also work everyday (four times harder than everyone else). Get rid of any negative vibes that’ll sway you, and pick out the weeds in your life whether it be negative people, bad work environment, etc. or simply be patient. Everyone has their shine. Some later than others. Don’t be envious of what the next person has, look forward to what’s coming to you.

You can follow Ryan’s personal Facebook here:

You can follow Ryan’s b-boy crew dance page here:

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