Embracing Our Temple



The beauty of the world is the indefinite depth of what we are accustomed to experience and see every day. There is a clout of contrasting individualistic traits that everyone possesses — and there is beauty in all of it. In most cases, growing up has been trying to form yourself into the standard expectation of what we should look like. This, in turn, creates a boxing of one’s creative and mental abilities as our physical beings are also reflective of what our inner conscience represents. This statement needs to be elaborated on for a quick moment to not interfere with the contradiction that we should look a certain way simply because we are in a particular community. At the end of the day, you should be comfortable in your own physical form.

Our spiritual being is something we need to take care of; and love. Our physical self is a temple of reflection of our inner being. Being in a particular community does not limit you to be reflective of that community’s look. You should still pursue to become the best physical being that you can for you and your well being. Such an example is the community of bikers, perhaps. We have a stereotypical expectation of what they “should” look like and we are always surprised when we are encountered with a grey polo and slacks middle-aged man. Again, the comfort of yourself in your own skin is the satisfaction that you should look for, not validation.

Our creative identities are curated by our visions of the world. It is shaped by our experiences and perceptions, and we can infuse this energy into masterpieces that portray life’s greatest treasures. The first step is to be comfortable with who you are. We come to accept that there are some things that we are unable to change and those that we can. With those that we can, we can improve ourselves to be better for our self. Our inner beauty is hence multiplied by our acceptance of our self. The best version of our self becomes a beacon of healing in the real world with the treasures we create or simply, the energy that we are. By simply being around others, we inspire the best in others and heal their energy.

So, be comfortable with who you are. Let the inner beauty within you shine through to the outside. As long as you are comfortable with it being you, take time to get that tattoo you’ve always wanted or that hairstyle you’ve always wanted to have. You only live this lifetime once and you should live it according to your terms. Your beauty will shine through your temple, and it’ll help heal an aching world.

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