PPP #5: Cha Vue

Hi, my name is Cha Vue and my passion is in fitness; specifically training others to get fit.

I started working out whilst in the Army and after I saw results, not just physically but emotionally as well, I decided to pursue continuing education in the field. It was an optimistic experience for me as it was also fun and rewarding.

In the past, I had created run groups and trained a number of individuals in group fitness training. Last October I trained a group of coworkers once to twice a week for eight weeks during our company’s 8-week Weight-Loss Challenge.

I intend to start training my co-workers again starting April 1st and to consistently train them once a week, while also considering opening to others within the my workplace building or to outside individuals.

My full-time job provides the stability I need to put funds towards my passion as well as is a motivator and support for my passion.  Since I completed school in the fitness and health field, my work place and I can trade services.

Find others that enjoy doing what you do, whether it be fitness or any other passion.  Going at it alone can be difficult.  “Stay gold.” – The Outsiders


(Cha Vue and friends from his group fitness training. Cha is on the upper left in the black Under Armour tank top.)

The following are videos affiliated with Cha via Facebook:

“Niam Siab Hlub, Niam Tes Xaws” – A mini-storylogue by Cha Vue

Cha will also be playing the main role for “Seev Lis Yeeg” a short film by PorshaProduction (https://www.facebook.com/porshaproduction/).


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