Good At Letting Go

The beauty of life is to be attached to all that life offers. This sub-natural beauty that is offered from life comes in many forms taught through experience and shared from connection. Humans are a social animal. One of those many forms is the gift of incredible desire and admiration of an intimate love for another. Not a general love for life and things around you but the form of the intimate, passionate love that exists only for one other sole person. The idea of eventually being able to spend your entire life with someone is ingrained into us from a much younger age. When we were younger, we often saw a communal pair of beings who took care of us; raised us. Though time has passed and stories have been written. Some people often find themselves distancing themselves from the idea that there is a one sole person who is the beholder of our desire. Often, these people come from areas of hurt and betrayal that were never truly in their favor. Though they learn to let go, move on to new things, and find discoveries that enrich them; that moment of separation destroyed the innocent love they once understood. This experience is something that is completely valid and unfortunate. The only issue is that it deteriorates the biological understanding of an intimate love; one that is completely real.

There is no written validation or documented configuration that determines in which intimate love exists. But we share ourselves with others, feel the rush of chemicals that make us feel ‘happy’, and see the reaffirmation through others and their communion. It is biological. We are born with this trend to love someone deeply, often times, more than ourselves. It is natural, given by birth, just like: the dirt, the rain, and the wind around us; completely reinforced by our biological senses. Our entire affiliation with all that is the world, gets affected by this experience. It affects all emotion of sadness, anger, regret, happiness, and even lust. This is — intimate love. The journey here is not a template that is defined like many others have tried to define before. Often, we hear people say the “best way to love is to –” do this or pay less attention to that. It is not something to follow, rather it is something we need to feel, embrace, and at least once, lose.

It’s incredible commitment to find a special connection with this intimate love in your life, and somehow be able to keep that bond; shared for eternity. Though some of us might call this ‘luck’. Some are able to find this connection young in life and uphold it’s bond. Unfortunately, for some, this isn’t the path we are able to be destined for and after comes many tribulations and trials. It’s comfortable to say that these people often learn to get good at letting go. It’s continuously appropriate that it has become somewhat of a survival instinct to not look forward to holding your hand out once again to reach out for another’s soul. Often not returned, we see this as some sort of reality that after our intimate, innocent love; we are ‘growing’. We no longer believe in such a love.

So to get good at letting go, we also get good at holding back certain emotions. Trying to best ourselves at not falling into another scheme of emotional bearing. An internal trend which holds too much of our new found self-value that we are now accustomed to uphold — only as a regard to our memories of what once was. With this, we are able to let go of any expectations that an intimate love exists; nullifying our emotional connections with others, falling into temporary friendships or intimacy that does not share a true emotional attachment. Embodied with this is the individual who constantly writes notes to themselves to love themselves and look forward to a new life without the old memories of past hope.

Good at Letting Go
I write this to you, The one who held my all
That I can’t be angry at you, For you gave me purpose and truth
My retreat of fighting alone, When you were the shield to my sword
The words that made me wise, Echoes still in me today
“Let’s go separate ways”, When we walked a single path
So do I walk back?, While you move forward on
But I can’t be by your side anymore, So I let you move on
I retrace our steps on this path, Tears sprinkling to see all the steps we took
And I discovered that your steps always behind mine, I aimlessly led the way
I think I hoped that we would find it, Boundless fruits of our love
At the end of this path, At the end of this trial
But I’m now retracing backwards, Not looking at you in the case
Our eyes meet, And I don’t have the strength to go on
But in my heart it notices, You don’t hesitate to walk on
Not looking at me break, Not stopping me from going
I continue to walk on, While you disappear in the distance
I am trying to be strong for you, But I’m broken inside this vessel
To my own demise, I stopped at all the memories
The step that you fell and tumbled, Then the step that we shared the laughs
So many steps we took, That I had forgotten in time
I am stopped quite long, At one particular step
The one where I met you, When you initially said my name
The glitter in your eyes, The tremble in your voice
I smile at your innocence, With tears on my face
I wipe away one last time, To discover a hidden path
It was covered by you when we walked by, So many years ago
You were speaking to me here, I hadn’t noticed the split
That broke from I’d thought a single path, It goes a different direction
From our start, I found a new journey
One without you, One alone
I smile one last time, At our naiveness
I start to walk, On this hidden path
I start to trot, On this new path
I start to run, Away from ours
I’m now smiling, Forgetting all I knew
I’ve found a new reason, To exist for myself
For this path had always existed, I’ve forgotten to love myself
I’m starting to get good, I’m starting to see now
I’m starting to get good…
Good at letting go…

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