PPP #6: Rose Nkauj Lug Xiong

Hello, my name is Rose Nkauj Lug Xiong and I am a 20 year old college student from Kansas City, Kansas!


(Rose Xiong Reflected By the Skies, Contrasted By the Trees, Resonating in the Soul)

I consider my passion to be telling stories through film. At first, I just made singing videos on YouTube, but then I started having ideas through my creative process alongside making short skits for my church events. I originally used a small hand-held Nikon camera so most of my old videos were in really poor quality. As I continued to grow in my pursuit, it soon developed into passion; appreciating the beauty in films:

the storyline that captures an audience, the characters that develop where we, as the audience, build a connection within a one-hour time frame, the angles giving stellar portrayal of imagery, and shots that were captured to be aesthetically en-trancing to the viewer.

So much goes into a great film because they conjure certain emotions for us, enticing a fantasy we wish we could live in. Film is a way for me to capture these enticing moments and to relive those emotions again. Through my artistic journey, videography is a way for me to be creative and to express myself — my passion.

Someone I look up to is definitely Wong Fu Productions. I love the direction of their platform and their aesthetic. I would love to internship with them and one day to work with them! I have created a lot of videos on my journey, mostly as a one-woman team. I have a lot of singing covers as of now, but I want to make the transition to short film. In the past, I’ve been featured on an article by Project Yellow Dress(a Southeast Asian project platform for Southeast Asian refugees and their children in the modern diaspora) about my first short film video called “I am Hmong.”, which you can read here.

My most recent work would be “A strong Asian Woman // ep. 1”(also at the bottom of the page). It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and committed to a short film but because I am going to school for film and media, I look forward to learning and applying it to my future films and projects. I’m not quite sure where my journey will take me, but I have an idea of where I’d like to be. Our future outcome is unpredictably ever-changing.

I just simply want to inspire people like how some films have inspired me. I want to befriend many people like how some films have been there for me when I was feeling alone. At the end of the day I want to be happy with what I’m doing, and I want to make a change in peoples lives whether that be a small impact or a huge one.

It’s definitely not always easy to keep such motivation. To be honest, it’s tough when I feel like I’m not good enough. Especially, when I look at another’s work and I compare at how horrible mine is to theirs. What gets me through to keep pursuing my passion is Jesus, as cliché as that sounds. Jesus had a mission: to come to earth, to point us to God, to die for our sins, and then to save us all. He has a passion for us and he created all of us with passion. He didn’t give up on us. So, I can’t give up on myself. I don’t know where the future is for me, but I know it’s going to be good because Jesus is always good to me.

All I can say is: Watch me bloom.

For others in my shoes: It’s going to be tough but don’t stop fighting the good fight! If you love it, do it. You’ll find a way.


(Rosie Xiong Milk Bath)

You can follow the creatively gifted Rose Nkauj Lug Xiong here:
Facebook: Rose X

Rose’s projects are currently hosted on her YouTube here:
YouTube: Rosie Xiong

Rosie Xiong “Sincerely, a strong Asian woman. // ep. 1”


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