The Latecomer by Kao Kalia Yang


Kao Kalia Yang

It’s clear that the Hmong American has a vast history that is unbeknownst to the world. During the 80’s and 90’s, when a huge influx of refugees started popping up in the United States, it was a mystery as how they had gotten there to the general public. Most people assumed they were Vietnamese from the Indochina Wars or economic migrants.

The Latecomer by Kao Kalia Yang speaks on the unique narrative of the Hmong refugees who had transitioned from the Southeast Asian countries of Laos to Thailand, and eventually to the United States. As the book also connects the spiritual aspects of Hmong folklore to the assignments of reality, it covers the powerful disconnection of the Hmong people to their reality of politics in the real world. Kao Kalia Yang was born from Ban Vinai Refugee camp and is the author for the best-selling book in Coffee House Press history. She make historic record as she also became the first-ever Hmong author to receive national literary distribution.

It is really a must have for anyone hoping to get more insight into the experiences and struggles of the Hmong American community. Continually, it binds the American experience and helps connect Americans to the ripple of their politics and programs. Hmong American teenagers to young adults are in for an incredible reality check of their parent’s stories and how it connects to their lives growing up in not-so-lavish homes without proper support. All in all, Kao’s book is something that is extraordinary for every reader.

The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir

You can pick up a copy of the book from here today and a fraction will go to support Hmong American writers and creators. With your support, much more incredible books will be coming in the near future with even greater detail of American experiences.





The Song Poet: A Memoir of My Father

The Song Poet is the second book in the series by Kao Kalia Yang and continues on the narrative of her father. It is aliasing the folklore and stories told through a singing of poetry in the Hmong language to express emotion or tell stories. The Song Poet is a highly contrasted experience of grief, spirituality, reality, and human connection.

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