So Much I Want to Tell You: Letters to My Little Sister by Anna Akana


Anna Akana

Originally, I believed this book to be the direct connection of Anna Akana to her sister(lack thereof). Anna Akana’s sister committed suicide when they were younger due to mental and social problems growing up in a time where teen suicide rates were apparent. The interesting perspective of the book comes from the experience of Anna Akana to her own life rather than her sister’s. She connects this trauma to her interest on screen and entrance into comedy. In so, it reflects Anna’s life in terms of growing up as a woman, Asian, and struggling artist in America. She’s found herself in areas that challenged her as a female in a society where women are misogynized by men to falling in love with the toxicity that involves around a relationship. Her struggles as an artist had taken her to places where she would grow her womanistic ideals and in turn she would teach her sister about how to navigate as someone who is trying to make it in the mainstream world.

The window of vision that the reader peers through Anna’s life reminds every single young adult that we are all author’s ourselves of our own narratives. These narratives of life including topics that vary professionally to sexually. She reminds us that there is intimate love in life but only after acknowledging the challenge of being able to still love ourselves in a way that we value ourselves. In so, she finds her way in leaving toxic relationships that have been distorting her priorities in life. The love of self, reflection, and discovery creates the letter that Anna writes to her sister through Anna’s life and success.

Anna identifies as Japanese American and is a perfect fit for Asian Americans of all identities to learn about other experiences that may be related to that diaspora. Asian Americans have a vast American experience and So Much I Want to Tell you: Letters to my Little Sister is a perfect exemplification of the things that Asian women go through in the professional entertainment industry alongside the outreach of their own cultures.

So Much I Want to Tell You: Letters to My Little Sister

Anna Akana’s So Much I want to Tell You: Letters to My Little Sister is available quite affordably today! Anna Akana also offers a signed copy of her book on her Amazon storefront if you’d like. Nevertheless, pick up a copy today and support your Asian American artists!

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