Falling for Yourself

The Length I’ve Gone, Liam Song

In life, there is constant challenging of yourself that calls for trials. You will entertain family, lovers, and friends that will inevitably leave. In some instances, you will feel betrayed or neglected. We are all accustomed to meet others and give much of ourselves to share and improve upon, usually with some expectation that others do the same. It is often manipulative to only expect return on giving, to only give without receiving. But this doesn’t call for someone to be undervalued, just rather openly giving. Most of these people often forget to give to themselves, resulting in rejection to love society — often retreating into solace. The overthinking that society is supposed to love others, hell, even themselves, is to expect that trying to recover the paint off of canvas in order to fix the blemishes that have bled over. Instead, let them flow, accept the beautiful artwork of chance and direction through giving.

There exists an understanding within self-discovery that acceptance of what is and setting up what will be is to turn life’s failure into successes. Fixing your prior mishaps by finding the light in their experience. This ultimately leads to finding where you belong in those moments; your reason for that experience. In so, you find details of yourself you might’ve missed in the moment. This is the true existence of reflection, to find those pieces and stagger on. These pieces show a true color of your personality. Hold them to yourself proudly, and represent yourself beautifully. The beauty that you hold only needs be discovered, already existing through all your actions but just perhaps given away selflessly. In so, fall for yourself.

Falling for yourself is never a mistake. In it’s flaw only exists that being alone is quite addictive. You’d be able to take flight in life’s wings without another to quiver over. Being alone isn’t necessarily something we all seek to be, but it’s something we definitely want to be comfortable with. In all intimate relationships, the most destructive measures have always been from missing the key of loving yourself. In so, everyone should constantly seek self-replenishment and self-love before considering intimate love. We need to remember that energy is important and we pass this energy most carelessly to those we seek to be intimate with. Whether you are currently in an intimate relationship or addressing yourself in your experiences again, fall for yourself and you will always be able to understand the turns of love and life — then you learn.

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